Over the years, learning has always been on a one-on-one basis, also called physical learning. However, in recent years the system has changed. This change has been inspired by the vast development in the field of technology and the prevailing changes because of Covid-19. These factors have led to electronic learning systems (eLearning). This mode of learning has had its share of challenges, as discussed below.

Lack of clarity

The internet is full of information on various topics causing the students to explore different sites of knowledge and access numerous sources. This is detrimental to the students because they may get disoriented with irrelevant information. Too much information at times may lead to confusion, causing a lack of clarity.

Lack of motivation

Engaging students in eLearning at times demotivates them. This is because students’ motivation depends on how much their online courses are. If the course is not interesting, they lack motivation, unlike in class, where they are motivated by the teachers and fellow peers.

Decrease knowledge retention

In eLearning, the courses are designed in a condensed manner. Big chunks of information are separated into small portions that can be learned over a short time. It is important to note that the educator’s effort might not be meaningful if they fail to incorporate micro learning into their online courses. In eLearning, students might not be assessed adequately compared to physical education. This leads to decreased knowledge retention.


Most learners are addicted to classroom education. They might find it hard to adapt to eLearning. This acts as a challenge.


eLearning requires the use of the internet and costly technological devices such as computers and smartphones. Equally, being connected to a stable network requires money. Therefore, it is challenging for people who cannot afford these electronic devices and a stable internet connection.

Weakened logical and intellectual abilities

Most students rely on the internet to provide solutions and solve their problems. This has a significant impact because it reduces their ability to think and innovate. This illustrates the disadvantage that eLearning has brought.