Many things nowadays are saved in the cloud, replicating the same in cloud-based authoring tools. They deliver practical training quickly remotely to a large workforce without a need to download and install it on the local computers.

Here are the key benefits of using cloud-based authoring tools.

Secured Online Storage Package

The risk of losing vital documents or data due to a computer crash is minimal. Data is backed online with a preferred host with a suitable data performance. Online storage also frees storage space on a computer and saves money on acquiring bigger storage space.

Centralized Content Library

Cloud-based authoring tools allow storage of content folders and emails at one location on the internet. They reduce the time that a user would have spent searching for content from multiple storage locations.

Effortless Collaboration

Creating e-learning content usually requires a team effort that can become frustrating when members are at different locations. Cloud-based authoring simplifies team authoring because members can assess and review course content from anywhere.

Free and Simple Installation

A cloud-based authoring tool requires a one-time cloud setup. There is no need to install other software multiple times like it happens when using different computers. It just requires creating a new username and password for each team member to allow them to log in using their devices.

Easy To Update

Cloud-based authoring tools do not require boring updates that prevent people from working until the end of software updates. Many people in eLearning miss the latest feature and improvements in their course content because they choose to postpone or avoid updates. Cloud-based authoring tool updates are automatic. Team members get software update notifications when they log in.

Large Video Content Space

Videos increase learner engagement because their content is more interesting. However, video content takes more pace on a desktop authoring tool. A cloud-based authoring tool is more convenient for course planners planning to use more videos in their courses because space will not be challenging.

Appealing Template

Starting eLearning content consumes much time. Cloud-based authoring tools simplify content creation because they have many unique templates. The regularly added templates give more options and inspiration to persons working on new content or project.


Timely creation and delivery of content for workers are essential. A cloud-based authoring tool helps a company with many employees at different locations to quickly create eLearning training content within a limited time. Employees in other countries will access their training course within a few hours after creation by their course admins.

The beauty of a cloud-based authoring tool is that people can access content from any part of the world. They only require an internet connection and an up-to-date browser.